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Renovate Your Lifestyle is life coaching that offers a holistic approach to making informed lifestyle choices creating a foundation that supports a sense of well-being and a high-quality life.

Life coaching enables you to discover your own inner power to experience a life full of happiness, joy, peace, and empowerment.  Through life coaching you learn to love who you are and live a life you love!

As a life coach, I enable you to take responsibility for your lifestyle and choose to make a positive difference in your life! Renovate Your Lifestyle provides coaching for creating and executing a healthy lifestyle plan based on client-specific goals.  In the end, it’s all about you:

  •     Experiencing life with joy & enthusiasm
  •     Experiencing inner happiness, peace, and contentment with your choices
  •     Feeling great about your mind, body, and soul each and every day
  •     Learning practices that lead to confidence and empowerment
  •     Mastering wellness techniques that lead to experiencing life the way it was meant to be
  •     Equipping yourself with small changes that pave the way to powerful results
  •     Learning to care for yourself in a way that leads to successfully reprogramming hurtful habits

The “new” you is waiting to be born with excitement, anticipation, and passion!  Allow yourself the opportunity to fall in love with life & experience your dreams come true!

Donna Johnson, Life Coach
Bloomington-Normal, IL

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